Sync-Mor Putting Assistant

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Sync-Mor Progress Update 2/25/2023
Sync-Mor Update 10/27/2023


Welcome to the home of Sync-Mor, your ultimate solution for enhanced putting performance. Sync-Mor is an innovative golf tool designed to perfect your putting game by accurately determining the slope of the putting green. 


Our simple to use design provides an intuitive and user-friendly way to align your putts, enabling you to better predict ball trajectory and sink more putts. Sync-Mor's benefits are not just limited to improved accuracy; they also include:

  • Efficiency: Save precious strokes by reducing the guesswork in your putting.
  • Confidence: Step onto the green with the assurance that you have an accurate read of the slope.
  • Versatility: Sync-Mor is suitable for golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. 
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight, it's easy to carry along with your golf gear.

Experience a new level of precision in your game with Sync-Mor, and get ready to sink more putts, lower your scores, and enjoy your time on the course like never before.

Pre-Order Perks:

Each person purchasing a Sync-Mor during this pre-order campaign gets the following:

  • The Sync-Mor Putting Assistant in their color of choice.
  • A personalized ball marker with your initial on it, in the color of your Sync-Mor.
  • 3 Custom designed, 3D printed tees in the color of your Snc-Mor.
  • All this comes in a metal case with your initials engraved on the cover.
Sync-Mor Putting Assistant
Sync-Mor Putting Assistant
Sync-Mor Putting Assistant
Sync-Mor Putting Assistant
Sync-Mor Putting Assistant
Sync-Mor Putting Assistant

Sync-Mor Putting Assistant

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The Sync-Mor Putting Assistant:

Your Secret Weapon on the Greens!

Discover a new edge in your golf game with the Sync-Mor Putting Assistant, a tool designed to bring consistency and precision to your putting. Inspired by time-tested principles, our putting assistant provides putting green alignment and directional guidance, helping you navigate every putt with confidence.

The Sync-Mor Putting Assistant is like your personal caddy, diligently analyzing each green and guiding you toward the perfect line. Its simplicity does not compromise its effectiveness, making reading greens not just a task, but a quick and enjoyable part of your game.

Produced using state-of-the-art 3D printing, with durable, high-quality materials, and showcasing a sleek and portable design, the Sync-Mor Putting Assistant can easily accompany you in your golf bag for every round. Whether you're an experienced player or a casual golfer, the Sync-Mor Putting Assistant is designed to make every putt matter.

Invest in your game with the Sync-Mor Putting Assistant today. Experience the sheer joy of precision, increased confidence, and overall improvement on the greens. It won't be long before your golfing peers notice your sudden stride in putting proficiency. Your secret? It's Sync-Mor, your ultimate ally in putting!



How it Works.

The Sync-Mor is simple to use, and once you get the feel for using it, reading the green can take seconds. Here's the steps for using it.

  1. Line up behind the ball, putting the ball inline with the hole.
  2. Hold the Sync-Mor up to your eye, and sight your ball through the hole.
  3. look at the position of the pointer as it compares to the hole, and the angle of the green.

Since the pin in the Sync-More is always pointing straight up, any slope can be compared to the pin. Once you get the feel for using it, you will be able to determine the path your ball will need to take to get to the hole.